"How big would you dream if you knew you couldn't fail"
McGwire Newell​​​​​​​
Hi there, welcome to my website! My name is McGwire Newell and I am a graphic designer who aims to create revolutionary and exciting design. When I'm not busy working on the computer, you will usually find me looking for new ways to express myself and be creative. To name a couple examples, I love messing around with old vintage cameras and screen printing. I also enjoy spending time at the gym, cooking, and researching. I view the human mind as a muscle that needs to be worked out in order to grow and reach its fullest potential. I admire the work of a lot of professionals in a variety of different realms of life. Whether it be artists, designers, architects, business men/women, doctors, historians, etc.. I feel that once someone stops trying to learn, their life will come to a stand still. We are only on this planet for so long so why not take every opportunity to become a better version of you. 
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